El Negro Guerrero Press Release

ON TUESDAY, APRIL 23 2013 (4/23/26) I will be releasing the long anticipated WISE
INTELLIGENT iz…EL NEGRO GUERRERO. This album represents the third installment of a
seven(7) CD BOX-SET collectively titled “BACK 2 SCHOOL”. EL Negro Guerrero represents
“Third Period”.


For those of you who have been following the series this album delivers the expected soul-sonic-
force of cutting edge production and a vocal assault unparalleled by any. EL Negro Guerrero
continues in the classic Wise Intelligent tradition of delivering a seamless merger of both style
and substance: “Ghetto-political project flow/architect of revolution plus ya n!66@ gets dough”.


For those just becoming aware of WISE INTELLIGENT and the BACK 2 SCHOOL series,
this album is a great place to get acquainted with Hip Hop – what it looks, sounds, and feels
like. You should definitely do the knowledge to THE TALENTED TIMOTHY TAYLOR (1st
PERIOD), as well as THE UnCONKABLE DJEZUZ DJONEZ (2nd PERIOD) . Also check out
BLESSED BE THE POOR – add them all to your collections.


I’ve been promoting the release throughout the social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc. In these
messages I’ve included the following information concerning the importance of supporting the
music/work we all do for the betterment of our communities. Building us “the people” is not a
difficult task. Lovers of Hip Hop, community activists, fans, and supporters of Wise Intelligent
can contribute to community initiatives without having to personally or individually start, run
or operate any particular community program or organization yourselves – THEY ALREADY


By simply doing what you do already – purchase music – you can know that your purchase is not
an investment in someone’s molly laden, date rape fantasies, but rather a direct investment in our
communities independent schools, organic farms, rites of passage, and other youth mentoring,
and community development initiatives. On my social networks I released the following

“IF I SEEN ANY OF MY 5000+ FB FRIENDS in my neighborhood and needed as
little as $10 DOLLARS [tic-tacs & chewing gum] most would say “word…here you
go Wise!” without expecting any compensation…and I’d do the same. Well, I’m not
necessarily asking you to ‘give’ me $10 – I’m going to give you a very entertaining and
thought provoking album on 4/23/2013. I NEED ALL OF YOU to BUY IT! Rest assured
the money will go to a GREATER GOOD – I WILL NOT be supporting the MOLLY MAKERS! 5000×10=50,000 – MUCH can be done on a community level with $50,000. Let’s empower ourselves #buildsomething”


In the event that we could make COLLECTIVE and CONSCIOUS purchases and or investments
in artists/activists/organizations in the amount of as little as $10 (Starbucks money) each
month – together a small collective of 5000+ individuals committed to making a PRACTICAL
difference, could MICROFINANCE community organizations that EMPOWER US – or, we can
keep arguing and debating over the counter-revolutionary, anti-community, morally bankrupt
mainstream media celebrity content that empowers NO ONE except our COLLECTIVE


I’m asking you to not only purchase the NEW “WISE INTELLIGENT iz…EL NEGRO
GUERRERO” album on 4/23/13. I am asking you to become a MEMBER of a MOVEMENT
– “5000 STRONG” – that empowers more than a single INDIVIDUAL but pulls our small
music purchases together in a way that we can COLLECTIVELY develop the institutions our
communities NEED and say we want to see. I am asking you to tap your friends, families and
social networks – SIGN THEM ON to the MOVEMENT. Let’s mobilize 5000 PEOPLE, let’s
EFFORT and REPEAT each month! All you have to do is BUY GOOD MUSIC and
SIMULTANEOUSLY you’ll be building institutions for youth and community development.


“When many work together for a goal, Great things may be accomplished. It is said a lion cub
was killed By a single colony of ants.” – Saskya Pandita

It’s much bigger than Hip Hop. It’s not just entertainment. It’s much more than just music – IT’S
A MOVEMENT. The 5000 STRONG MOVEMENT is a community development initiative
that allows its membership to contribute to the development of communities, families and youth
across the country without having to leave their homes, jobs, schools or neighborhoods. The
5000 STRONG MOVEMENT makes community development, charity, and activism practical –
by allowing each of us to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE in our community and world.
Through a sustained program of micro-financing each member contributes as little as $10 per
month for one year. Each month 5000 STRONG contributions are distributed among community
schools, family, and youth development initiatives. TO JOIN the 5000 STRONG MOVEMENT
send your contact info to info@5000strongmovement.org


3/5 An MC: The Manufacturing Of A DUMBED DOWN RAPPER


3/5 an MC: The Manufacturing of a DUMBED DOWN RAPPER is the first literary offering from artist/activist Wise Intelligent. With an Introduction written by the iconic CHUCK D of PUBLIC ENEMY, the book is a stunning and fresh analysis of the political economy of white supremacy and the redemptive power of Hip Hop music and culture. Using lyrics from Hip Hop emcees from across the spectrum of various Hip Hop styles, and perspectives as its narrative – the book demonstrates how the power-relationship between wealthy white owned record companies, mainstream media and predominately poor black artists demands that the black artist acquits himself any connection to the ongoing struggle of the African American community from which he or she came.

All Americans, especially students, scholars, general readers, and policy makers, who care about the extension of democracy and the future of Black freedom should read and discuss Wise Intelligent’s intriguing book. The book reveals how many laws and policies used to regulate the African American population in the past, i.e., Jim Crow, segregation, eugenics, mass incarceration on prison farm plantations, apartheid schooling as well as domestic terrorism meted out by law enforcement are still being used today under different names. However, as the book suggests and proves, Hip Hop – contrary to popular belief – is not responsible for the glorification, marketing, promoting and or distribution of gang, prison and drug culture. Neither should Hip Hop be blamed for the subhuman conditions of ghetto life created by centuries of unfettered racism and white supremacy.

Examining aspects of American history, politics, and culture from the Hip Hop perspective, this book covers the history of the conflict between white owned media, cultural hegemony, major corporations and African Americans in the United States. Wise Intelligent also discusses the part that Hip Hop music has and continues to play in developing the “vision, spirit, philosophy and will” of African Americans in this struggle. With practical suggestions for what the Hip Hop community could and must do to contribute to the building of stronger black families and better black communities, the book gives solutions for countering the conspiracy to destroy not only Hip Hop but black people where ever they may be as well as how to counter the Manufacturing of a DUMBED DOWNED RAPPER!


Wise Intelligent – I Said It

Intelligent Muzik proudly presents the next single from Wise Intelligent’s NEW and highly anticipated 4rd solo album, “Wise Intelligent Iz…EL NEGRO GUERRERO” (The Black Warrior). This is 3rd Period in Wise’s “Back to School” Box Set. The album is scheduled to be released EARLY 2013!!!

“I SAID IT” is Wise Intelligent doing the one thing that too many artists today are afraid to do, tell the TRUTH! New Jersey’s own Masada has provided an extremely sinister and powerful sonic platform for Wise to lyrically destroy any and all opposition. “I SAID IT” is a giant middle finger to all those who tell us that in order to “get on” and “stay relevant” you must compromise your principles and your message. This visually striking and controversial video was directed by Jimmy Giambrone. It’s a proven fact that whenever Wise and Jimmy collaborate on a project something very special happens, and it’s guaranteed to leave the viewers amazed, speechless, and satisfied…




Wise Intelligent – ZION Featuring Rahzii Highpower

ZION feat. Rahzii Highpower Produced by Masada and Directed by Jimmy Giambrone. ZION was shot at the first ever African American Pride Festival in Trenton NJ. LYRICAL HEAVEN: “This is ‘black redemption’ I am spittin…so they hold me in derision…cause I give them Hebrew children hope and vision as its written…minus fables, superstition…Darwin’s Theory, science fiction…from the ghetto streets of Trenton…I see Zion in a vision…”



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